Rapid 2012 / 3D Imaging

The RAPID 2012/3D IMAGING Conference and Exposition, taking place from May 22 through 25 at Hyatt Regency in Atlanta (Georgia), is known worldwide as a must-attend event. It’s the place to learn the basics as well as explore the newest technologies and materials in additive manufacturing in combination with 3D imaging. This is the largest industry forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments, trends and techniques specific to additive manufacturing, rapid technologies, 3D printing and 3D imaging.

RAPID 2012 Conference Schedule Just Announced!
Each year, additive manufacturing and 3D imaging technologies advance to higher levels. To keep pace you need to learn about new applications, which bring about advancements in all industries and speed products to market. RAPID is the place to discover all the latest technologies, processes and materials. The Conference schedule has just been released! Choose from more than 60 presentations on a wide range of topics including: Intellectual Property Rights, Workforce Development, Multi Material Parts, Standards Development, 3D Structural Electronics, Reverse Engineering, Medical Implants, and more. If you can dream it, you can make it…now! Visit sme.org/rapid often.

Source: RAPID 2012/ 3D IMAGING


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